Lets realize worldwide "Living Without Money" having been realized in Germany

Lets realize worldwide "Living Without Money" having been realized in Germany
     Ms Heidemarie Schwermer, a former teacher and psychoterapist in Germany, who decided to stop using money and live a life based on mutual services. And she established "Give and take central" in 1994 following the order of the Creators.
     The huge earthquake, huge tsunamis and ensuing explosion of nuke plant Fukushima Daiichi in the Earth Japan were signs of Apocalypse of Heaven's orders on transition to the society of gratuitous services in all fields of human life.  
     This process of the general cleaning of Earth by Cataclysm of the earth crust and nature is beginning in the USA after Japan.  That is in process taking such forms as frequent occurrence of violent tornadoes, rivers rise with melted snow unusually more than in ordinal years, huge flooding of the Missouri, flooding of Ft. Calhoun Nuclear power plant and Cooper nuke plant, those radiational catastrophe from leak of radiational cesium, leak of radiational tritium more or less 750 times of permitted limit with piping's corrosion at deteriorated 48 nuke plants of US's 65 nuke plants, where 3/4 of US's population live, flooding of the Corn Belt more than hundred mill. km2, radiational contamination of US's agliculture, ets.  
     On the other hand, the new life style of  "Living Without Money" having been realized in Germany has possibility to become the breach of worldwide realization of the Heaven's orders. She is a pioneer for change of Earth who is fostered by the Creators and is practicing, pointed out the Creators. Thus,  Ms Heidemarie is a angel who is accomplishing the mission.(Her photo with URL)
     In London, UK at the time of G8 leaders' meeting a demonstration under a big banner "Abolish Money !" was staged by British workers.
     The USA, Japan, EU nations, China, Russia, etc. are behind the times.
     But Germany is the most advanced country in the world, because there already "Living Without Money" has been begun since 1994.  
     In the USA too where poor peoples more than 45 mill. people are facing threat of existence, there is a big possibility to begin the new life of "Living Without Money". In the UK too where debt of credit cards have reached around 1.8 trillion pound  "Living Without Money" is realizable.       
     In Russia too where 40 mill. poor peoples are facing threat of existence under Mafia capitalists' tyranical rule, there is possibility of realization and spread of the life style "Living Without Money". In the period of economic and monetary collapse in Russia after breakdown of the Soviet Union farmers survived only on milk, and civilians - on vegitables and fruits from so-called Dacha (cottages with farm). In Africa too, of course, there is possibility of its realization.
     In the USA default of Obama Administration is imminent in August. US's dollar and economy may be broken down. In linkage with that worldwide financial and econimic crisis may happen. The time of Earth change is coming near.
     In sum, the breach from distress belongs to whether groups in each country are able to take effect initiatives and begin actions for realization of  "Living Without Money".


USA is facing radiation catastrophe
     According to Newsland.ru in the USA 48 Nuclear power plants caused leak of high level contaminated water by tritium's (T) radiation because of piping corrosion.
     Contamination in 37 Nuke plants has reached to hundreds times higher values than the permitted upper limit.  
     Soil and underground water have been contaminated up to very high levels. Therefore US's agriculture and peoples' life are facing imminent catastrophe.
     Thus, excited large scale discussion by citizens is going on through internet in the US.     
     It is much more, since already patients of nosebleed and diarrhea have appeared in the US as initial sickness with low intensities of radiation which has been carryed from Fukushima-1.

     Moreover, Missouri is overflowing, and 2 Nuclear power plants in Nebraska are facing submersion. Fort Calhoun Nuclear power plant's Spent fuel rods Pool Cooling system stopped working for hours. More, its stop, Meltdown and Throughdown may happen and, next, explosion of the Nuke Plant. 
     Levee near Nebraska's Cooper nuke plant “about to break” and “at risk of washing away completely” after being overtopped. And Cooper nuke plant will be 2nd Fukushima Daiichi.
     If Obama Administration doesn't stop aggressive wars in 5 nations: Afganistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakintan and Libya, doesn't stop trying to provoke the 2nd Korean war to the WWⅢ, and doesn't withdraw immediately expeditionary forces from foregoing nations,  then neuclear catastrophe in the USA will be enlarged and spreaded more and more.  


New nuclear explosion of Fukushima-1's 1st, 2nd and 3rd reactors is imminent

New nuclear explosion of Fukushima-1's 1st, 2nd and 3rd reactors is imminent
Next, huge earthquake in the Japan's West, huge tsunami and explosion of nuclear power plants 
Radiation can bring on ruin of all living things in Japan and huge worldwide disaster
The explosion of Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant's reactors No.3 and No.4 was not hydric explosion, but nuclear explosion with a standing mushroom cloud.
This was explosion of used nuclear fuels storage pools which were mistakenly installed by the design of US's GE in the housing of each pressure container of nuclear fuel bar blocks due to temperature rising and evaporation of cooling water. 
A photo published by a Russian Vadim Viktorov proved that.
And prof. Busby of European radiation crisis committee also pointed out nuclear explosion of Fukushima-1's reactors.  
He stated that pressure containers of nuclear fuel bar blocks will explode with chain reactions.  
According to a cosmic information 1st, 2nd and 3rd reactors will cause nuclear explosion before long due to caused meltdown and meltthrough of fuel blocks, recriticality and nuclear fission.     
42 mill. 400 thou. people in Tokyo and prefectures around it will be forced to stage evacuation. But in Japan no area for that. All living things in Japan will die.
All fishes in the world oceans will be unfit for food.
Moreover, faster, before long a huge earthquake in the Japan's West and huge tsunami happen, and the nuclear power plants in Hamaoka (on a active dislocation, Shizuoka pref. ), Ikata (Pu & U's MOX-fuel, Ehime Pref. ), Genkai (MOX-fuel, Saga pref.), Sendai (on a active dislocation, Kagoshima pref.) will explode.
Explosion of Japan's nuclear power plants will become a huge worldwide disaster.
The breach is in transition to the new Earth society of gratuitous services in all fields of peoples' life.
Invasion and Rule of Earth by Reptilians and their boss Draconians
According to a information of the Space the last Pope, John Paul II, was a Reptilian's shapeshifter, and as well current Pope is a Reptilian's shapeshifter too.
The leader of the US's fundamentalist church which attested B. Obama in inauguration is a Reptilian's shapeshifter too.  
Russian Patriarch Kirill also a Reptilian's shapeshifter.
Draconians (the official emblem of London City, its camouflaged emblem of freemason and Russian national emblem) and their agents Reptilians are aggressors and rullers of Earth which are keeping still the GHQ for rule of Earth in Shambala under Lhasa City of Tibet and they think that earthmen are stupid lower order animals. But, in fact, the DNA of earthmen has only 3 pieces more than chinpanzee's DNA. 
But, the worldwide general cleaning by cataclysm has began.
The huge earthquake, huge tsunami and catastrophe of nuclear plant in Japan is the beginning of its process.
In the northern-east Japan
the barbarous, evil and putrefied plutocratic slave rulling capitalist system and the putrefied modern life style was literally bloken to pieces.
In this way, a historical chance
to transit to the new society of gratuitous services in all fields of earthmen has come.
Fukushima was the apocalypse of the order by the Creators. Nex, a huge earthquake in the US's East happens, NYC and FL peninsula sink into the sea. At that time the Indian point nuclear power plant near to 2 lines of active dislocation explodes like the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant. Later, in CA State a huge earthquake happens and CA State sinks into the sea.


5 Wars, US's default, Global Economic Crisis and Collapse of USA

(1) War and the Global Economic Crisis: Collapse of the American Standard of Living.

Read your citizen's article at:


(2) Lance Freeman: 
“America:The Grim Truth”, April 8, 2010
   This article by L. Freeman pointed out the truth on the reality of the capitalist plutocratic slave rule system in the most powerful wirldwide USA empire which is now facing default in August, 2011 as a result of the national financial deficit of total $62 trillion because of aggression in 5 countries: Afganistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Libya, bearing 75% of the millitary expenses of NATO , what means US's militarism.  In Libya already US's Ranger Corps are driving an aggressive operation. Obama confirmed on 23 June, 2011 newly the withdrawal plan from Afganistan. But withdrawal of 33,000 people in 100,000 people will be 2012. Therefore, US Federal Administration's default may be inevitable. Expenses of Afgan occupation is 76 billion Euro/year=$107.5 billion/year.   
     Dr. Webster Tarpley announced at TV show by Alex Jones that Obama Administration is driving a plan to turn the Libyan war to the WWⅢ, including Libya, Syria,  Iran and moreover maybe Saudi Arabia too. 
     At a result of default in the US will happen fall of stock prices lower than to $1, collapse of dollar and stock&capital market, close of Federal national organizasions, payment stop of Federal and States' public officials' salaries, large scale protest demonstration, riots, shooting by Federal Corps, large scale killing, the 2nd Civil War.  
     As well known, Major John Titor having come from 2036 to Florida in 1998 by a GE's time machine wrote the prophecy in internet from Nov. , 2000 to May 2001. He pointed out that the Civil Army won in the Civil War. The dictatorship by Freemason, Rockefellers, etc. and parties of Democrats and Republicans were over.  Earth had turned into the inferno.  They say that American Democracy is Demon-cracy.



For Peace on Earth Dear Kevin, Voters for peace

For Peace on Earth
Dear Kevin, Voters for peace

     Obama Administration of Rockefellers is now stageing occupation of Afganistan and Iraq. In Iraq - for cultivation and business of dope which talibans prohibited.   
     Moreover, thay are trying to begin aggression of Lybia and Korea with NATO's nations or singly as the US's 3d and 4th fronts.
     In result, that will bring on breakdown of the US's national finances after 4 years repeated deficit more than 1 trillion dol. each.
     It means more large scale of lost job and serious financial-economic crisis, secession of 6 nations from the USA and disappear of the USA.
     Do struggle for the historical transit to the new society of gratis services in all fields of peoples' life by abolishing the FRB's fraudlent paper printing money system.  If without that, it is imminent that NYC and FL peninsula, after it, CA State will sink into the sea.  
     In Japanese North-east regions happened a biggest in the history earthquate and tsunami. And the modern capitalist social system and life style of peoples were broken to pieces perfectly, like you saw TV images. That was the Providence of the Creators. 
     In London British workers staged a demonstration under the road-crossing placard "Abolish Money!". They became the
avanguard of the liberation movement of world workers.
    This is the Creators' will of the Space blocks control world.   
Demonstration "Abolish Money" in London against G8's meeting

                                    ☆     ☆     ☆
Dear Miron,
Join us in Washington, DC March 18-20th to protest the ongoing wars and
call for the release of Bradley Manning.
This March 19th Voters for Peace is endorsing a protest led by four
veterans groups, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Vets Against the War, March Forward! And Vietnam Veterans Against War, that will include mass civil resistance at the White House.  Join us and participate. We are seeking to have more than the 131 vets and their allies who were arrested in December building the resistance needed to end the wars risk arrest. I will be one of them, join me.  For more on this event visit Stop These Wars

On March 20th, there will be a march and protest in Quantico, Virginia at the Marine Base where Bradley Manning is being held in solitary confinement.  Manning has not been found guilty of any crime yet his pre-trial detention has morphed into pre-trial punishment, as he has been held for 9 months in solitary.

On March 18th there will be a pre-event  at Bush Boys and Poets (5th and K Streets, NW) that will feature music and inspiration.  Daniel Ellsberg leads a cast of great speakers.

These wars are killing people every day, destroying families, forcing people from their homes and undermining U.S. national security and the economy.  President Obama is once again putting forward a larger weapons and war budget, this one the largest since World War II, despite the faltering economy.

Please join us in Washington, DC-area for these important events. 

Kevin Zeese
Executive Director
Voters for Peace

NYC and FL peninsula sink in to the sea

NYC and FL peninsula sink in to the sea

   In the East of USA a unprecedented biggest earthquake will happen and
NYC and FL peninsula sink in to the sea. It is imminent.
   The US's dollar and the stock market will suffer breakdown.
   Mt.Fuji in Japan will erupt and Japanese yen, the stock market and
Japanese ecomomy will break down. This will push the crisis of the USA.
   6 States will realize secession from the USA  and the new confederation
of republics will be organized. In result the USA will disappear. 
   In this process a  unprecedented biggest world-wide financial-economic
crisis will happen. In addition the island Britain will sink into the sea.
   And a biggest earthquake will happen in the districts along the Mediterranean
   In this way, a historical chance to transit to the new society of gratis services
in all fields of earthmen.
   This is the Creators' will of the Space blocks control world.